Mobile Advertising for Newbies White Paper from Peggy Salz

Peggy Salz, a blogger friend who writes MSearch Groove, hands down the best blog about mobile search, just released a new white paper that’s a great guide to mobile marketing.

It’s called Mobile Advertising for Newbies, and while marketers new to the channel may gain the most out of it, I’ve been paying attention to mobile for a long time and focusing on it in a concentrated manner all year (running several campaigns for big brands along the way) and I learned a few things. You probably will too – just a hunch.

In the process, Peggy has also launched the Mobislim blog with additional resources.

Read about the white paper here, and or go directly to the download page at

And Peggy, I’ll say this publicly so you can hold me to it – let’s reconnect on that interview for the Search Insider.

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