The 4 Essential Elements of a Great Social Media Campaign: Now on the Online Marketing for Marketers Blog

Image of Aaron Kahlow from FacebookImage of Aaron KahlowToday it's a pleasure to announce my first post at Online Marketing for Marketers, the blog founded by Aaron Kahlow of Online Marketing Summit fame.

It's a great roundup in their group of bloggers, including some experts and geniuses I've had the honor of interacting with in various ways such as Return Path's Stephanie Miller, Razorfish's Josh Palau, L&G Business Solutions' Lewis Green, and Renegade's Drew Neisser, plus many others who I now can peruse on the blog.

While I won't repost the entries here in full, I will summarize them when applicable to give you a taste. If you're so inclined, you can find my contribution page here (yes, it's rather sparse at the moment), and view today's article.

The question of the week is about good campaigns, and I discuss the four essential elements of a great social media campaign:

  1. It achieves results.
  2. It extends beyond its original borders.
  3. It provides value to consumers on the platforms used.
  4. It ties into broader programs.

Read the whole post, rate it if you're so inclined (no registration required), and comment here or there. It's meant to start conversation, not end it, as it was tough keeping the list brief.

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