TypePad SEO to the Rescue: It’s About Freakin’ Time

I’ve been a TypePad blogger since November 2005. One of my biggest gripes with it has been the inability to create your own file names, or use an entire post’s title as a filename. Having the full title in there can be a huge help for SEO.

Now, finally, TypeP addressed this with their new editor, which is being rolled out to users. You can read about the overview. Here’s what they have to say about titles, though there’s more to it than that.


Enter a title for your post. The title you enter here will determine the URL for the post’s Permalink. For example, a post with the title of “This is a new post” will have a Permalink like:



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17 thoughts on “TypePad SEO to the Rescue: It’s About Freakin’ Time

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  2. Typepad is one of the best blogging platform. Easier to use or user friendly. Most visited by viewers.

  3. I find typepad a very friendly and easy platform to use. Also blogger.com and wordpress. I use this platform to all my blogs and article and I don’t have any problem using it. So, I believe that other blogger are using this platform as well.

  4. @ABM – If you have your permalinks enabled, then you’ll get the friendlier URL’s than the “?page_ID=XX” URL’s. Just go into the Settings section in your WordPress admin panel, and you’ll be able to do that. It won’t give you an .HTML extension, but it should do what I think it is you’re looking to do.

  5. Love your blog, David.
    ALL: I may have missed this in the post/comments, but with my self-hosted WordPress blog – is there an easy way to create a page title for a blog post, or would I have to make the post a separate “Page” (with “Pages” feature in WordPress) in order to get a “…html” file extension for a post?
    …or is this not worth the trouble/not much of an improvement from the existing SEO features of a WordPress blog?

  6. It’s not so much that TypePad is bad. It’s that in head to head comparisons
    by SEO experts, WordPress has been proven to be better. But I think
    TypePad’s improvements lately should have a significant impact.

  7. My friends also suggested me to open blog in wordpress.Because it has seo friendly plugins.So I decided to start.what about your opinion?

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  9. When I decided to start blogging, I looked at a lot of platforms. One of the clinchers for me in choosing WordPress was its SEO-friendliness. The one thing I wish they’d provide, in terms of SEO: a quick way to decide whether to use rel=NOFOLLOW in hypertext attributes, to confer SEO mojo on someone you’re printing to. But that’s quibbling.
    And ultimately, the best SEO is good content that lots of people want to and backlink. Even title tags can’t overcome content that isn’t doing it for readers.

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