Venture Road Trip Videos for Entrepreneurs with CK, Alan, and Paul

CK explains this much better on her blog, but here’s the gist: she met up with two globetrotting PhD student videographers doing a series on the venture scene here (before the financial meltdown, that is). She was kind enough to invite Alan Wolk, Paul Soldera, and me to do a video panel for their Venture Road Trip.

They’ve broken up the videos into nine segments, all accessible on this handy YouTube channel. I’ve posted part one below, and unless you really want me to post the whole hour or so on my blog in serial format, I’ll let you go to YouTube to watch the rest.

One final note of thanks goes to 360i for hosting the session in our conference room, which you may recognize if you’ve paid me a visit there. Note to self: when doing a video series, don’t get the chair that sinks back all the way. I look like I need to sit on a phone book just to sit at the table.

Enjoy the videos. The questions are spot on, and CK, Paul, and Alan are brilliant. As for Carsten Rubsaamen and Ralf Schmelte who put this together, I’d recommend you as moderators or panelists anytime.


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