2008 Campaigns: Brands, messages, Marketing Lessons with CK, the Toad, and Michael Leis

I was going to post this myself but my browser kept crashing, so in the interest of timeliness, I've copied the entirety of this post from Michael Leis, who not only was in the panel but edited it brilliantly.

Panelcast: presidential campaigns from a marketing perspective

Sure, there’s lots of policy to talk about where it comes to the race for the White House. But in this Era of media saturation, how do the campaigns fair from a marketing perspective? After all, it’s not just about Obama and McCain, it’s about the candidates as brands, and the strategies behind making those brands resonate in the hope of a few votes that weren’t there before.

To that end, I had the great luck of sitting on a Panelcast with three of the smartest marketing strategists out there: Christina “CK” Kerley, David Berkowitz, and Alan Wolk. The first three clips to come out of that discussion are here, as we talk about presidential candidate brand positioning, the biggest marketing surprises, and what were the stand-out blunders of this general election season.

Thanks so much to CK for a brilliant Epiphany, and for organizing everything. It was a distinct pleasure to have spent the time with everyone.

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