Subway Sounds: 6 Train Subway Rant

The 6Image by kalyan3 via FlickrA little Friday slice of life…

This morning I got on the 6 train at East 86th Street that runs from the Bronx through Harlem down the east side of Manhattan until Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; it should have been just another eight-stop commute to work.

When I got on, a 50-something woman was arguing with an older man, with her originally telling him things like "You are not God!" and "Obama is my president!" I didn't get it, and still don't.

My first instinct: Should I get off the train?

That was quickly replaced by my second instinct: No way!

And then my third instinct kicked in: I have to record this.

Fortunately I had a Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe on me. I was able to record five minutes of her rant, and the guy comes in if you turn the volume up. Midway through, there's a burst of laughter. The woman narrates it, and she's not exaggerating — his teeth really did fall out.

Note this is audio only, and this is not safe for work if your workplace frowns on lots of profanity. Rated a strong PG-13.

You can play the subway rant here.

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2 thoughts on “Subway Sounds: 6 Train Subway Rant

  1. This is phenomenal!! The LIvescribe guys should make this the centerpiece of their marketing material…a perfect example of how their product fits…you never know when you will need to record something!! I want one.

  2. The sound quality is great. Made me feel like I was there with you, except I wasn’t experiencing that pesky fight-or-flight burst of hyper-vigilance. 🙂
    That reminds me that I’ll need to post about a pen of my own with super-powers. The FLY by Leapfrog. It’s marketed as an educational toy, but it’s impressive to play with its character recognition an digitizing capabilities. Cool stuff:

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