Burger King Branding Booboo: Like It’s Branding for the Very First Time

whopper virgins JPGImage by renaissancechambara via FlickrI've got another entry on Ad Age's blog today, so you'll have to check out the full post. I also write about this on 360i's blog.

Today, thanks to a tip from a colleague, I describe how Burger King is intent on promoting its new "Whopper Virgins" campaign (with a massive broadcast TV buy) but doesn't rank at all for searches on "whopper virgin".

Is anyone searching for the singular as opposed to the plural? Google Trends shows that lately the two forms have been running neck and neck.

Google trends whopper virgins

This is a great campaign overall and I stopped what I was doing to watch the video all the way through, but it is a good lesson for other marketers.

Again, read the full post at Ad Age.

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