OMMA Social Keynote: Dan Buczaczer, Senior VP, Director, Denuo

Dan Buczaczer, Senior VP, Director, Denuo

"The last speaker took you back a little bit in time…" That reference to MySpace's keynote is taken out of context, but she did take me back in time to when keynotes gave sales pitches.

Rules to play by:
1. Facilitate what they already do
2. Be personal but keep your role as a brand
3. No hard selling

Tweets from around the session:

brianpduggan: Audience at #Omma Social just polled. My assessment on the show of hands: 70% agencies, 25%vendors, 5% actual clients. Interesting…

ischafer: @brianpduggan The lack of clients at #ommasocial is disturbing.

Lots of focus of his talk was on curation of social media. Example: Purina Pet Charts – Purina finds the best pet-related content for it. This is a good one. I saw this awhile ago but didn't know it was still going strong. They then let people know they made the Pet Charts, driving more people to create content to rank for it and submit it. It brings people into the community.

Another example: Champion's Homestyle Sports. Check what everyday athletes are doing online. Guys show their quasi-sport stuff on YouTube and share it.

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