Six Apart Breakfast: How to Think Like a Publisher with David Tokheim- OMMA Social

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I'm blogging today from OMMA Social and will be covering a number, if not all, of the sessions (we'll see if I get to cover my own).

Via David Tokheim, EVP and GM, Six Apart Media

1. Give them something to talk about.
  Example: Burger King's friend-ditching app on Facebook

2. Create a cause
  Example: Kenneth Cole's Awearness

3. Foster relationships through social currency
  Example: HP's What Do You Have to Say Campaign

4. Align with influencers to create something unforgettable
  Example: Chevy Tahoe's road trip across America with mommy bloggers. Visit

Coming soon from Six Apart: "Motion" – pulls info from across the blogosphere and social media, designed for marketers. Not sure how this differs from FriendFeed or various social media search engines. Update: In Q&A: I asked about this in Q&A and it's designed to be incorporated into publishing platforms. When I get a demo I'll share more.

Six Apart: 2.3 million bloggers (I'm one of them, through TypePad), 87 million readers.

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