10 Myths of Mobile Advertising – Jumptap – iMedia Breakthrough Summit

I’m at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Bonita Springs, FL. For the first post from here, below are 10 Mobile Myths as presented by Paran Johar, CMO of mobile ad network Jumptap. Note I wasn’t typing fast enough, hence my own version of myth #10 below…


  • 1) Not enough scale:
    • Mobile extends publisher unique reach 14-22%; iPhone has 8% market share, 66% of mobile internet usage
    • 63MM mobile internet users
  • 2) Ads are too small
    • Usually only one ad unit per page, less clutter
    • Larger units are here and getting more prevalent, like full screen rich media
  • 3) No creative standards
    • Okay, so there are (IAB, Mobile Marketing Association)
  • 4) No tools
    • Nielsen, comScore mMetrics, 3rd party ad serving becoming the norm
  • 5) Can’t measure mobile
    • Increases future purchase consideration by 23%
    • Performance measures better than web (3x for brand favorability, 5x for recall)
  • 6) No one clicks anyway
    • 2-8% CTR average (Verizon, Jumptap)
    • Click to call response rates 2-3x over CPC
  • 7) CPMs High, Economy Underwater
    • Now more supply than demand. It all must go.
  • 8) Mobile only reaches young adults
    • 41% of browsers accessed by people over 35
  • 9) I’ll wait until others do it
    • Wrong. Lots of people are doing it. You’re not doing it, you’re too late. You’re about to miss the boat. It’s leaving without you. Companies you never even heard of are doing mobile. Your mom’s running mobile ads.
  • 10) I missed one of them. He went really quickly. I’ll add my own: Santa Claus ran the first mobile web display campaign back in 2002.
    • Wrong. It was 2001. And it was actually run by a media elf without Santa’s consent. This elf was promptly fired, got hired by the Easter Bunny. Making a fortune in the egg trade, he invested it all with Bernie Madoff and has since returned to the North Pole, hat in hand, just waiting to get his job back.