A Newcomer’s Guide to Inside the Marketers Studio

So, you’re new to Inside the Marketers Studio, or you’ve always wondered what this blog is really about. Here’s a good place to get a few answers:

What’s the point of this blog?
It’s a place to share some grounded, original insights into digital media and marketing. If you want to know whether the latest thing everyone’s buzzing about really matters, you’ll find some answers here. You’ll also read highlights from a number of the events I go to as a speaker and blogger — but just the good stuff, I promise.

Who’s David Berkowitz?

No, you’re thinking of that David Berkowitz. THIS David Berkowitz (no relation to the other) is a digital media strategist, currently at ad agency 360i where I educate clients about the best ways to use social media, mobile marketing, search, and all these other online marketing vehicles. I’ve been blogging for most of this decade, and I’ve spent my career in online media. I’m constantly learning though, and with any luck I’ll get to learn a few things from you.

What are some good blog posts to start with?
Here are a handful of posts that a lot of readers seemed to enjoy:

Where can I find out more about you?
That’s kind of you to ask. I’d recommend Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and MeeID (a site with 10 links about me). You can find a lot of those links just below the header on every page of the blog.

And if I want to contact you directly?
Again, flattered. Use marketersstudio @ gmail . com. (I’d put an email link but am controlling for spam.)

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