Contribute to Social Media Club Buyer’s Guide, Tune in to the Podcast

Social Media Club: LogoImage by kristiewells via Flickr

I’ve got two requests for you that will pay you back in terms of the insight you’ll gain from them (I hope):

1) Take the Social Media Club Social Media Buyers Guide Survey. I checked it out personally and it really can take a few minutes (the site warns 5-30 minutes, but you’d have to be a really slow typist or extremely diligent in answering for it to take that long, really).

2) Listen to the Social Media Buyers Guide podcast this Thursday, March 12 at 2 ET. It may well be the best 45 minutes of your life, if you haven’t done anything that exciting yet. Get the call-in details here. And yes, I do have some stake in this – I’m one of the “several leading social media technology vendors, services providers and organizational buyers” they refer to in their blog post on it, so it’s nice to be thought of as leading something more than the MouseHunt rankings.

This image also came up when I looked for the Social Media Club logo, and he’s so cute I had to include it here too for no apparent reason, by Getty Images via Daylife

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