DigiDay Brand Keynote Case Study – Don Steele, VP, Digital Marketing, MTVN (MTV Networks) Entertainment Group

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Don Steele

Why they use digital marketing
* Leveraging critical digital space to market brand and programs
* Driving traffic to websites/mobile sites to drive traffic, revenue
* Understand, promote brand's presence in digital space

"Our audience lives online so we must understand how and where to speak to them."

The new landscape: A jungle (insert picture of jungle) – they want to be natural, native to the space.

Where they play: social networks, Google, oh, any big freakin' social media site. Wikipedia's important. There's more about South Park in Wikipedia than Gandhi. Didn't know if it's true.

Fact check time:

Word count on Wikipedia:

South Park: 4,228

Gandhi: 14,179

Myth: Busted! Take that.

Except… it doesn't take into account coverage of every Wikipedia episode. But this also doesn't take into consideration every historical event Gandhi played the starring or a significant role in. And I'm really not going to measure that right now.

Back to Don…

His four criteria – all strategies must be:
* Organic
* Smart
* Engaging
* Honest

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