Everything Must Go! It’s the Mobile Marketing Fire Sale at iMedia

Nuts for sale in India 

You want it? We got it!

Jumptap set the tone with the opening sponsored keynote Saturday night at iMedia’s Mobile Boot Camp preceding the Breakthrough Summit. The presentation was complete with a mobile stimulus plan and a bailout, full of buzzwords to jumpstart mobile ad spending.

Other sponsors have followed suit. Want to do mobile? Never ran it before? Have we got a deal for you. And that’s not all!

As Jumptap’s CEO later said in his 10 Myths about Mobile, there’s now more supply than demand. It’s not just an issue of tight ad budgets; mobile ad spending still has plenty of rooms to grow. Yet consider these stats cited at the event (didn’t get the speaker name or the source): In January 2008, there were 37 million mobile web users, 10.8 million using it daily. In January 2009, that jumped to 63 million monthly and 22 million daily. Even if ad spending’s growing, that’s tough to keep up with, and the usage growth in the US will have that exponential run for awhile until everyone is on the mobile web and it starts going to more linear growth and then levels off as it reaches PC-web levels.