Lisa Hsia: Senior VP, New Media & Digital, Bravo TV at Brite 09

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This post comes live from the BRITE conference on Branding, Innovation, and Technology at Columbia University in New York City.

Lisa Hsia: Senior VP, New Media & Digital, Bravo TV

Q: What are some of the different ways you're using digital media at Bravo?

LH: "My job is really to monetize… This is about making money." Still in tens of millions of dollars of revenue as opposed to hundreds of millions for TV.

During the program: while you're watching, we do a lot of interactive TV. We do one-screen experiments with cable operators. Everything has sponsorship and advertising. Uses WAP site selling ringtones, video clips, wallpaper for $0.99.

After the show airs: the most traffic gets is after the show airs, with interviews and features. Tries to build affinity groups: Bravo for food, Bravo for style… Goal is to build deep partnerships.

Cites '1% rule' where 99% observe and 1% interact. Needs to sell the people who observe rather than just the 1% who are interacting. Working on direct responses for advertisers from tastemakers.

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