Steve Rubel: Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media at iMedia Breakthrough

steve rubel Steve Rubel, SVP, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital, as presented at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit today:

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

1) Lust: Don’t go lusting after the hot social network. Find the right fit.

2) Gluttony: Don’t just go everywhere when you don’t have bandwidth. Start small. Don’t overdo it.

3) Greed: Don’t create something only product focused, only as a sales funnel. It’s not about traffic – it’s about relationships.

4) Sloth: It’s really about apathy. A worst practice is not having relationships in place when you need them.

5) Envy: Enough playing copycat, get me one of those (“gmoot”).

6) Wrath: You can’t beat the stick down when stuff doesn’t the way you want it to. Have a plan to deal with the worst before it comes up. Also, don’t make off-hand comments on Twitter – that can bite you (Steve notes it has for himself).

7) Pride: Be prepared to get dinged, get criticized. Don’t let that get in the way.

4 thoughts on “Steve Rubel: Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media at iMedia Breakthrough

  1. Very well stated. I think gluttony and greed points are the key. Social media is about relationships–and if those relationships are treated well they will help you in the long run. And don’t be a social network glutton–each is a unique experience and remember greed-its about relationships.

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