Dream Wedding: Google and Twitter Sittin’ in a Tree


Image via TechnologyReview.com

Okay, so it’s not really happening based on any concrete info. And Kara Swisher offers a convincing rebuttal to Michael Arrington’s alleged scoop of the Google Twitter acquisition. But… what if…?

I’m all for it. I offer a number of reasons why in my post on Ad Age’s Digital Next.

Here’s the gist:

Google gets the only serious player in live search.

Twitter gets its payout.

Users get stability thanks to Google’s massive server farms.

Marketers get a way to monetize Twitter searches, and we’ll see what else.

The Ad Age post goes in much greater detail.

5 thoughts on “Dream Wedding: Google and Twitter Sittin’ in a Tree

  1. Google offered only $200m? While Biz is asking for nothing less than $1b?
    “Twitter gets its payout” on birdfeed? Not sure I understand your enthusiasm, David.

  2. Thanks, Terence. I still wonder what their source is on that and I’ve seen
    other stuff saying flat out Twitter won’t sell even for $1 billion. Plus it
    looks even more likely that there aren’t acquisition talks. But it’s a fun
    game, eh?

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