What Should I Cover in the Social Media Insider?

Yesterday, I shared my last Search Insider column for MediaPost.

Next week, the Social Media Insider gets underway.

I'm going to need your help with the transition.

Okay, so I am fairly well informed about this social media stuff. For a few years now, I've been spearheading social media strategy for digital agency 360i's clients, and well before that I've been an avid social media user (dating back to bulletin board services in the 1980s).

Still, I want to really make this column as useful and interesting as possible. That's where I need your help.

  • What would you want me to cover?
  • What stories aren't getting enough attention?
  • What companies, technologies, and trends don't get their fair share of coverage?
  • Who should I meet to learn more?

I'm a big fan of tapping into social media, doing this user-generated thing, and maybe even crowdsourcing here and there. Yeah, that's living on the edge. So please, comment here, Tweet me at @dberkowitz, find me on Facebook, reach out on LinkedIn, or send an old fashioned email to dberkowitz @ 360i . com.

Thanks in advance.

One thought on “What Should I Cover in the Social Media Insider?

  1. Vehix is using social media (Twitter & YouTube) to help people become better parallel parkers. I am behind the Twitter account (@ParallelParking) and I work for Elastic Lab, the company that made the videos. (I used social media — Twitter, Facebook, blogs — to hire all of the contributing filmmakers, too.) I’d be happy to chat with you if you’re interested. Thanks!

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