First Look: Microsoft Bing Search Engine – Webcast

I’ve got my first webcast of Microsoft Bing, courtesy of Screen Toaster.

Of course, the first search I tried was a vanity search. It was so-so, with some relevant results but no mention of my blog, which has ranked on page one of Google for years.

Searching for my agency 360i performed better, with Twitter and Slideshare joining the homepage in the top results.

The product search worked really well, letting me drill down by price. What’s notable: you stay on Bing for quite a bit of the process, which I think is a big plus rather than going to a bunch of different sites.

And since I’m hungry and I just wrote about it earlier this week, my first local search here was for Sal’s Pizza (specifically the one in Mamaroneck, NY), and that worked well too.

This is still a little rough but you can get a good look here.