Josh Bernoff on Tapping Social Technologies at IAB Marketplace: Social Media

This is coverage from IAB’s Marketplace; Social Media event

Josh Bernoff: Co-author, Groundswell, SVP Idea Development at Forrester Research

Tapping Social Technologies

“Social is always an ongoing activity.” – Stop thinking about it as a campaign

Spending on social marketing will increase

Customers are talking to each other. “The only way to succeed is to become a part of this conversation in a longterm and permanent way.”

Groundswell’s 4-step strategy:

  • People: assess customers’ social activities
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Technology

5 Main Objectives

Roles / Groundswell Objectives:

  • Research: Listening
  • Marketing: Talking
  • Sales: Energizing
  • Support: Supporting
  • Development: Embracing

Measure the right things

  • Social networks: number of messages passed along
  • Ratings/reviews: sales
  • Communities: equivalent research value, impressions, likelihood to buy, referrals, avoided support costs, value of insights generated
  • Blogs: leads, awareness, press coverage, search rank
  • Videos, podcasts: build in tracking with URL
  • Widgets: build in tracking
  • Twitter: depends on strategy


  • Focus on objectives first, not on specific technologies
  • Listening, talking, energizing, supporting, embracing – all are possible, pick one
  • To maintain budget, measure what matters

As a refresher, here’s Forrester’s spending outlook:


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