My Google Wave Limerick

After reading VentureBeat’s coverage of Google Waveits initial coverage, and then a musing on if it means the death of Gmail and Google Docs – I had to sign up for the beta.

When you sign up, you’re encouraged to write a message to the Google Wave team, and it notes “haikus, sonnets, and ASCII art all accepted.” I figured there would be a lot of haiku, so I went with a limerick, shown below, and then in text form if you’re accessing this without images. It’s not my finest poetry, but if it lets me in any sooner than other users, I’ll let you know. (Okay, reading it again, I should never show my face around an Irish pub again – this really won’t help my chances any.)


There was once a Goog tool called Wave
That got many a journalist’s rave
It’s not yet in beta
But makes the Web greata’
So let me in – Berkowitz, Dave

5 thoughts on “My Google Wave Limerick

  1. I made a limerick too when applying for an invite in may last year.
    There once was a poetic shemale
    Whose love affair went over email
    A hot mail was sent
    and the last one, it went:
    Wave if you want more than gmail

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