360i POV and Ad Age Coverage of Preparing for Facebook Vanity URLs

Consumers and marketers have something in common: Friday night, they’ll both get to claim vanity URLs on Facebook so that they’ll have names like facebook.com/joeshmoe.

Marketers, or anyone with Pages (as opposed to profiles) have a harder time, since they need to have 1,000 fans as of the end of May.

To read up on this, I’ve got two ways you can do so:

1) Check out the Ad Age post I wrote on the Facebook Brand Grab.

2) Click below to view, download, or even share 360i’s POV. Both are similar, so go to Ad Age if you want a quick skim or read, or use 360i’s POV (also on its blog) if you want a more official version to keep or share with others.

360i POV on Facebook Page Vanity URLs