CNN’s Rick Sanchez Goes from Mocked to Hero to My New Bud

CNN’s Rick Sanchez and I have had a pretty crazy relationship.

First I mentioned how he brought out the best and worst of cross-platform journalism thanks to integrating social media comments in ways that didn’t always add to the value of his show.

Then Rick actually responded on his own blog, and even on his TV show, in as transparent, humble, and authentic a way as anyone could ever do.

I came around and shared what a great listener he is. Yes, I’m still impressed.

Now, at 140 Conference (the Twitter event here in NYC today), I got to meet him, and even enjoy a photo op. Couldn’t resist. We even look a bit alike.

Gotta love social media – and how cross-platform has taken us through blogs, Twitter, TV, and ultimately an in-person meeting, which is what it should really all be about. It doesn’t get more social than that.

David Berkowitz and Rick Sanchez at 140conf NYC June 2009