Conference Season Resumes through the End of June

I’ll get to see this guy (Jeff Pulver) at his own 140 Conference via CrunchBase

I’m going to be at a number of events coming up over the next two weeks. Let me know if you’ll be at any and we can try to connect, though the schedule’s a bit more hectic than usual:

  • OMMA Video – New York, NY
    • Speaker: Mobile Me
      • Tuesday, June 16, 3:15pm
  • Jeff Pulver’s The 140 Conference – New York, NY (I’ll also be at 140 Tuesday a.m.)
    • Speaker: Twitter as the GPS for the Greater Social Media Mesh
      • Wednesday, June 17, 10:10am
  • OMMA Social – New York, NY
    • Moderator: But Enough About Me, Maintaining Privacy in Social Media
      • Tuesday, June 23, 4:15pm
  • Digital Media Conference – Washington, DC
    • Moderator: What’s Next in Social Media?
      • Thursday, June 25, 4:15pm
  • WOMMA Learn It, Do It! Hospitality Style – Las Vegas, NV
    • Speaker: Social Networks: Creating a Presence and Getting Connected
      • Tuesday, June 30, 10am

I’ll also aim to pop in at a few other things, including Thursday afternoon at the Associated Press, and Forresters’s Consumer Forum early next week. Plus, next week between OMMA Social and DC, I’ll be popping into Atlanta to do presentations both for at a client event and my agency.

I may not get to blog these events as much as usual. You can also follow me on Twitter for other updates.


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  1. I mean really, what am I going to do with a Twitter widget that shows the last (yes as in single) tweet from my stream? I ended up (over) filling up the rest of the desktop with icons of the apps I wanted to use in a sensible/findable organization.

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