Facebook Turns a Design Flaw into a PR Coup

I've been commenting over on Scott Hoffman's Cliqology about Facebook's username registration.Scott wonders aloud if Facebook left $3 million in revenue on the table by not charging for the names.

I responded:

Facebook here is giving people something they expect on any other
service – MySpace, Google, LinkedIn, etc. Creating a barrier to entry
would have stood in the face of the democratization of social media.
That customized names were needed at all was a design flaw. That they
made it a PR coup was brilliant. That they left revenue on the table
was a smart business decision.

As an aside, it wouldn't have
been anywhere near $3 million. I'm sure a large number who did it enjoy
the bragging rights and badge of honor, but it's not something they'd
pay for.

There's more discussion on Scott's blog, so check it out.

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