Microsoft Bing: The World’s First Search Portal

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I just shared a post on Ad Age's DigitalNext blog showing how Microsoft's new search engine Bing is really a search portal, even if it calls itself a decision engine:

I've spent the last few days trying out a live preview of Bing, and
it's much better categorized as a "search portal." The idea of a search
engine is to get you where you want to go fast, based on the queries
you enter. The idea of a portal is to give you all the content you need
so you don't have to go anywhere else. Bing is a hybrid, a search
portal that lets you keep searching and refining your query without
ever leaving the site until you absolutely have to.

A couple examples are included:

  • Search for "30 Rock" on Bing and the first natural link is for, but the link below for "videos of 30 rock" brings up the Bing
    video guide. Almost all listings on the first page come from Hulu and
    clicking one lets you watch the Hulu episode right on Bing. You can
    then further refine the search for factors like content length and
  • Search Bing for "asthma" and the first natural result offers
    a brief description from the Mayo Clinic, with a link to "full article
    and more." Click that, and the full article appears on Bing. Click to
    enlarge the first image beside the lengthy article, and you're still on

Read the post for the whole thing, including other examples, and let me know what you think.

You can also read and watch more Bing coverage on the blog here:

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