Twitter TV Panel at 140 Conference with Best Week Ever, SyFy, Jimmy Fallon producer

From 140 Conference

twitter: TV
what twitter means to TV shows and their producers


Caissie St.Onge (@Caissie) – Writer/Producer, Best Week Ever
Craig Engler (@Craigatscifi) – SVP and GM of Sci Fi Digital.
Gavin Purcell (@gavinpurcell) – co-producer, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Moderator: Shelly Palmer (@shelly_palmer) – Host, MediaBytes. President, NATAS–NY and the Emmy Awards. Author, Television Disrupted

Craig (Syfy): You have to listen but you can’t just mindlessly do what people say.

Gavin (Jimmy Fallon); Crowdsourcing TV programs wouldn’t work well but the tools help get interesting things on TV that weren’t there before.

Shelly: What does it mean to get Twitter?

Caissie: The creator of the show Fred Graver tried explaining it years ago.

Craig: I signed up three times before I got it. The House in Eureka helped lead the way – @_S_A_R_A_H_.

Caissie: People are much nicer on Twitter unlike blog commenters who can be nasty.

Shelly: Why are people so damn nice?

Audience member: Because you can block them!

Gavin: Jimmy’s Twitter is all him and he’s taken to it in an interesting way. People don’t want to be negative because he may tweet them back.

Craig mentions name change from Sci Fi to Syfy. Whole room boos.

Gavin: I see Twitter as part of our marketing team. Did skit with Zack Morris in character from Saved By the Bell with Jimmy Fallon, and it became a trending topic before the show even aired. That’s the case for it.

Shelly: Blogs had major corporate pushback. With Twitter, everyone on TV is on it. How come?

Craig: It’s something everyone can do and dabble in.


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