Facebook’s Response to Jewdar Targeting

Yesterday, I mused about the Jewdar on Facebook – where advertisers kept targeting me based on my religion, even though such option didn't seem to be available.

Right as the post went live, someone from Facebook told me:

don’t extend the capability to target by religion.  Therefore, advertisers
cannot target users based on their identified religion in their profile. 

Most of the theories espoused by others were that advertisers targeted by last name. What do you think? Have any other theories? And have you seen advertisers using unexpected Jewdar? or Hindudar? Or Africanmericandar? 

I may also use this in a future column so if you don't wish to be quoted, please either email me at marketersstudio @ gmail . com with your take, or just stay anonymous/pseudonymous in the comments.

One thought on “Facebook’s Response to Jewdar Targeting

  1. I don’t actually believe that they have a Jewdar or whatnot-dar. It is possible that they add the network of those who are already in their network (check out common friends). If you have at least on friend in common, you’ll know where they came from or who referred you. It’s more likely for them to search people by city and not by religion or race. Maybe you’re just in a city that’s quite popular, or you probably have a huge network. But that’s just what I think.

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