Turning the Tables with Tim Sanders – The Twitter Twinterview


I’ve interviewed Tim Sanders twice, both times when I was at eMarketer. On his press section, he even has my Q&A with him about his book The Likeability Factor (great read, though for a Sanders newbie I’d recommend first reading Love is the Killer App, my personal favorite).

In a fun twist, Tim Sanders called me up the other day to talk about Twitter, a fairly new communications channel for him that he’s wrapping his head around. One thing I love that he’s done: one account where he’ll follow everyone back (besides spammers) and occasionally check in on all the countless people who wind up in his stream. Then he has a separate account for the handful of people he wants to read.

As for my thoughts on Twitter, you can read the interview with Tim (or I guess by Tim, in this case) on his blog.