SMX Slides on Social Media Analytics

360i already posted this on its blog and I put this up on SlideShare, but I figured I'd share it here as well. Last week I attended SMX East, a great conference with a highly engaged audience and some of the best content designed to foster a real learning experience.My slides from the Social Media Analytics panel are below. It lacks the voiceover but send a line my way with any questions.

By the way, you'll notice a special link to the presentation – Here's how I did it:

  1. I uploaded the presentation to SlideShare
  2. I went to and shortened the URL
  3. Once the URL was shortened, I created a custom URL – you do it on the same screen and can test names until you find a short and catchy one that works
  4. I went back to my presentation in PowerPoint and added the link
  5. I then reuploaded the presentation

Note in all of that, I didn't actually tweet or share the URL until soon before the presentation. You don't have to tweet it right away. Yes, it was public on SlideShare overnight but generally that doesn't get attention until I start the ball rolling and post the link somewhere.