Book Review – dberkowitz, the Microbiography – by Twitter, 140bio, and David Berkowitz

"A page tweeter." – Evan Williams

"Like Twitter, but on paper." – Jack Dorsey

"So many characters, and yet so little characterization." – Biz Stone

"Shaqulous." – @The_Real_Shaq

Yes, these are some of the reviews I'd love to get for my new book.

 2009-12-22 13.34.45

Oh, did I not mention I was published? It's quite the achievement. See, what I did was I tweeted a lot, a few thousand times even, over a few years. Then I went to and entered my Twitter name, and then from there logged in to PayPal. I paid all of $18.99, and a week later, a book arrived with 3,200 of my tweets, and some other personalization.

The book itself is a marvel for what it doesn't have:

  • A plot
  • Coherence
  • Any real reason to exist

It does have paper though. And a lot of words. And, if I averaged 110 characters a tweet (really rough guess), it has over 350,000 characters.

It also has a record of most of my tweets. It just missed the first few of mine. To think if I found the site a month or two earlier, or I had tweeted just a bit less, it would have captured them all. But I do have almost all of it.

And I have a fun novelty for the office.

And a great gift idea, which I've already sent to someone I know who will get a kick out of it.

It's not a tour de force, and I'm not sure how well it will do on Amazon's charts. I won't even read the thing. But still, it's one of the best books I've bought in a long time.

 2009-12-22 13.35.03 

 2009-12-22 13.35.26

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  1. As the creator of the book mentioned above, and as a lover of all things data, I can provide some more info on your ‘novel’ accomplishment!
    To write your book, it took 341,805 characters, 14,031 lines, and 68,112 words. Whew.

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