Want Your Message to Spread? The Answer – Dandelion Marketing – Is Blowing in the Wind

My friend Jeremy Epstein, who happens do so a fair amount of marketing for authors and is a great writer in his own right at the blog Never Stop Marketing, just came out with a great, brief read a little longer than his usual entries. Go figure – weeks ago I convinced him to add it to Scribd for easily downloading and of course I then didn't have time to write it up.

The overall concept is to think like a dandelion to get your message to 'go viral.' It's hardly the only analogy in here – rather than getting too literal with the floral motif, he pulls in lessons from Johanes Gutenberg, Karl von Clausewitz, Microsoft Research, and then the Cluetrain Manifesto for good measure.

One of the great takeaways here is around prototyping, which he quotes Tim Brown's summary of "failing faster to succeed sooner." And hence it goes back to the dandelion – with lots of opportunities for spreading and pollination.

It's all of 11 pages – long enough that you may want to print it out and mark it up, short enough that you don't need too long to get the gist of it. But you may well want to keep it around to read a few times. I know I'm due for another run-through.

Dandelion Marketing: How to Increase Your Odds of 'Going Viral'