Five Must-Read Posts – with Two Top 100 Lists and more

I'm actually traveling this week, but if you don't mind a greatest hits post, here are five posts you might want to catch up on:

100 Lessons from over 100 Events: Here's what I've learned from years on the event circuit, with lessons for speakers, moderators, and event organizers. It's also at

100 Ways to Measure Social Media – Still a favorite (from what I've seen on Twitter), it's a fun thought starter. You can also find it by going to – conveniently pre-shortened for your convenience. There's also a PowerPoint version on SlideShare.

What a Camp Counselor Can Teach You About Social Media – Inspired by a moment of nostalgia last year, it turns out a lot of camp counselors and parents can relate.

20 Confessions of a Super Mayor – Those who have ever been obsessed with Foursquare and those who don't get it at all seem to get a kick out of this.

We Have Sinned: These social media marketing sins will probably be relevant as long as social media marketing exists, unfortunately. It's also the first blog post or column I've ever written inspired by a religious fast day.

Thanks for your continued readership, and I look forward to continuing the conversation once I'm back.

4 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts – with Two Top 100 Lists and more

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