Fired Up About Rick Sanchez? Blast Him Away on the Web

Rick Sanchez, it was complicated. I had a few run-ins with him, virtually and then in person, in a recap I shared right after I met him:

First I mentioned how he brought out the best and worst of cross-platform journalism thanks to integrating social media comments in ways that didn’t always add to the value of his show.

Then Rick actually responded on his own blog, and even on his TV show, in as transparent, humble, and authentic a way as anyone could ever do.

I came around and shared what a great listener he is. Yes, I’m still impressed.

I still didn’t sit through his show any more, and apparently I’m not always the best judge of character. But as one of those elitists who grew up in the suburbs of New York City, what the heck do I know?

Anyway, I tried out my new favorite browser bookmarklet that lets you play an Asteroids-type game on any webpage (thanks to colleague Benny Simon for the link). I took a screencast with ScreenToaster – a really easy way to share audio and video recordings of anything you share on screen – and then uploaded it to YouTube for more visibility.


I could no longer look at Rick’s face in our photo together. It pained me to do this, given the fond memories from that nanosecond, but I had to:

Sanchez face missing