The Full Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Multimedia Multiplatform Coverage Roundup Spectactular


Whenever I get to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I get a little content crazy, as I'm consuming it aggressively while trying to put out some of my own.

Here's a roundup of my own contributions if you care for a starting point:

On YouTube, I shared an animated take on Why We Go to CES:


In Advertising Age, on the Digital Next blog, I showed Why You Don't Need a Tablet Marketing Agency. This was inspired by a panel I was on at Digital Hollywood – CES where we discussed both mobile and tablet advertising. If there are all these mobile marketing agencies, should there be tablet marketing shops? You can tell where I'm going with it from the title, but it was a fun thought piece to figure out why, and it was one of those posts where writing it clarified several things for me. I hope it does the same for others.

Over at 360i's blog, I posted CES 2011 in Review in PowerPoint form, with a few highlights on the blog. You can find the slides themselves below:

CES 2011 Year in Review – Consumer Electronics Show

On this blog, I also shared my column from MediaPost on The Social Side of CES 2011, which specifically looked at the social media relevance of CES. It includes a few examples from the slides but in a much more focused context. 

Finally, you can always find my photos shared on Flickr. They're embedded below as well.

Were you at CES? What did you think? And what did I miss? 



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