Today’s Read: 10 Ways to Cultivate Your Community

10 ways jer979

I took a few minutes to read through 10 Ways to Cultivate Your Community, a new brief e-book by Jeremy Epstein of Never Stop Marketing fame. Actually, at first I skimmed it, which only proved to be mildly useful, but then reading it in full, I started to appreciate how much information's really in here.

If you're a solo practitioner or running your business and really excited to market the business or yourself better, you need to read this. If you're managing communities or social strategy for a larger brand, some parts are less relevant, but there's enough that will matter for your day job, and you'll still likely appreciate the rest for your own career.

The ebook's a free PDF, easily shareable via , so read it when you have a chance, and if you like it, thank @jer979.