Vote for These SXSW Panels (they’re awesome, I think)

It’s that time of year: election season. No, not for US President – for South by Southwest (SXSW) panels. With both elections, fewer than 50% of people impacted vote. Yet in one of these contests, your vote only counts for 30% of the scoring. Guess which is which.

On that note, here are some SXSW panels I recommend:

Are we killing social with social? – Tarah Feinberg, Jason Kapler, Lou Kerner, Chris Vennard

TV is getting Napsterized: Can social media help? – Nisha Chittal, Sabrina Caluori, Jacob Shwirtz, Brian Stelter, Mark Ghuneim

Are audiences ruling the social media capitol? – Patrick Vogt, Terence Kawaja

Unleashing advertising’s age of engagement – Ian Schafer

How Oreo celebrates a 100th birthday in social – Jessica Robinson (client)

Evolving social media to social motivation – Darcie Meihoff, Laurie Koehler

Why Google+ is not the usual yada yada – Michael Terpin

Culture networks, and the codes that drive them – Tim Stock

Beyond advertising – the new social Springboard – Taylor Gray

Irreconcilable differences – Pharma & social media – Steve Woodruff

Collective influence is changing the world – Jodee Rich, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Porter Gale


In case you’re interested, here are some featuring colleagues or myself:

Bravo’s mobile-social living room – Sarah Hofstetter

I’ll see your Freud and raise you Foucault – Mark Avnet

Hey, that’s mine! Who owns content? – Matthew Roche, me

No wallet? No problem. Enter mobile payments. – Jeff Miles, Rob von Behren, David Messenger, me

The Facebook customer service challenge for brands – Bryan Person, Molly De Maagd, Eric Ludwig, me (see more panels recommended by Bryan at LiveWorld)


What else should be on this list? Share favorites in the comments so others know what to look forward to.