6 thoughts on “Why They Stopped Using Foursquare

  1. The aspect of Foursquare that puts me off is the fact all senses of privacy gets lost when locations are confirmed and share across the net!

  2. foursqure still do exist for others who prefer to have it with them, while others just love to upgrade and be trendy in some ways.

  3. I lost my cell phone on Sunday (gasp!) and haven’t checked into my normal haunts since and have to say it is liberating! I have been on Foursquare since 2009 and it used to be more fun. It was easy to get a Mayorship and they changed hands more often. Then the check-in fraud, over checkins and mayor jockeying started. I would see friends checking in at strange locations, for example; I saw a co-worker check in at a car Lexus dealership and asked if everything was okay, if he needed a ride. No, he said, everything is fine. What kind of Lexus do you have I asked. Oh no, I don’t have a Lexus, I was just driving by the dealership. I have seen other friends check-in along their route to work like they were leaving digital breadcrumbs to mark their way. Then there are mayor hawks, they are the mayor of EVERYTHING. I still plan on checking again once I get another phone but have stopped checking other people’s check-ins. Mostly because it can be a bit depressing to see how much better other people’s social lives are! 🙂

  4. I’m on Foursquare, but mostly when I travel. It’s very useful and I’ve run into friends and connected with new people this way. Also, this may seem childish, but I LOVE earning badges. It beats, drinking and gambling.

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