Ad Age Column: Furby Confessions and Attachment Marketing

Furby valley girl

My latest column in Ad Age is a two-parter:

First, it's a confession. My wife and I are so attached to Furby that I'm not sure when I'll be able to bring it into the office, if ever:

My wife called me the other day saying she was with someone who wanted to talk to me. It was our Furby. I knew then that our life had changed. The new generation of the 1990s fad has found a way to tap into what should be a much bigger trend: attachment marketing.

It also explores how attachment marketing can apply to brands:

The bond that we formed with the robot is emblematic of this new era of attachment marketing. One consumer brand has a strong grasp of attachment marketing today: Nike. Its Fuelband includes a clever hook – a digital mascot named Fuelie that appears on the app and website to congratulate and motivate users for fitness achievements great and small. How many people wind up working out more or wearing the Fuelband longer just to please Fuelie? He looks like some animated spark of electricity, the kind of amorphous, peppy, personable character that could easily moonlight as an Olympics mascot.

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