Research Highlights from CES 2013

As I plow through coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show, I've found some useful research on the consumer electronics industry and the discussion around the show. Here are some of my favorite posts. Please share others in the comments or email any other submissions to me at marketersstudio (at) gmail. com. 

* Salesforce Marketing Cloud reviewed the top conversations and hashtags to see what was buzzing and who was doing the buzzing. The presentation's below, and there's also some related data as an infographic.

* Peek Analytics has a report on who's tweeting about CES and the demographics of their followers

* paidContent reports on TDG research showing that "Pay TV will shrink" for the first time ever (subtract points for the misleading chart that shows the Y-axis starting at 90 rather than 0; it's powerful enough without screwing up the bar chart)

* Keyhole is a new tool to monitor conversations in real-time, and you can get a good sense of what it's about by checking the tweets and top influencers from CES. (Disclosure: I'm an advisor.)