The Best Recaps and Coverage of CES


Now that I'm back from the Consumer Electronics Show, I can finally read about it. Here's a sampling of some of the best, most interesting, and most informative pieces I've read about the show:

* VentureBeat: 10 Things That Blew Our Mind at CES 2013 – yeah, there are some good ones here

* Ad Age: Seeing CES Through the Eyes of Group M's Irwin Gotlieb – one of the titans of the ad industry is also a gadget junkie and even a developer

* NY Times: Smartphones Become Life's Remote Control

* TechCrunch: Why CES Matters (for Now) – it's about meeting the lone geniuses trying to make it big

* Jerusalem Post: Levi Shapiro shares 5 themes from this CES

* Business Insider: TVs include facial recognition to recommend content – and soon to personalize ads

* TechCrunch: Why Samsung is the 5th Horseman of Tech

* The Verge: Awards for the Best of CES

* PC Mag: 6 People at CES 2013 Wearing Robotic Cat Ears - next year, all 150,000 attendees will be doing it 

* Digiday: What Agencies Learned at CES. I'm one of four execs included here. Ian Schafer and I seemed to have the same idea (it's hardly the first or last time for that).

* TechCocktail posts 16 Gadgets You Might Actually Buy from CES. I've bought a few of them already and others are on my wish list.

Also: I wrote a piece in Ad Age about "5 Trends Marketers Need to Watch at CES" and then scored the trends a week later.

Share your other favorite recaps in the comments, via email, or on Twitter, and I'll update this with others.