Meet Gary V, Oreo & Mondelez Execs, Ad Age, and Me at a SXSW Session

Sxsw expion logos

Okay, I'll admit that I luck out a fair amount with my job, and I try to enjoy it without gloating too much. But it's not every day that I get to join a panel and event like I will on Sunday at SXSW, featuring:
  • Someone from Oreo, not just the world's most popular cookie and an amazing brand, but a great client as well (and one whose products I personally enjoy often enough)
  • Mondelez exec Bonin Bough, who is way up there on my list of people I love talking shop with because I always learn a few things (yes, he's a client too – but I don't blow smoke)
  • Gary V from VaynerMedia, one of the few true digital celebs and pioneers
  • Expion, which has been a great partner to my agency 360i for years now (fun fact: it started at SXSW years back)
You should try to make this. A bonus: it's not your typical panel. I saw the agenda and the panel is well under half of the event's 2 hour runtime, so you'll have far more time for food, drinks, and conversation. 
Hope to see you there.