What do a scumbag, a rainbow cat, a Scottish heartthrob, and me have in common?

Mashable variety show

Umm, yeah.

See Pete Cashmore’s post.

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I’ll admit I’m giddy over this one. But really, I’m just one of 500 or so people at 360i who’s trying to do great work for some of the world’s best brands, and I know how fortunate I am to get to represent this amazing bunch of people. When I get back to the office (and our other global offices), I’ll have to thank a lot of colleagues for giving me this opportunity.

And yeah, the folks at Mashable are pretty amazing too to send the invite. So, thanks Mashable.

Oreo (#client) team, I owe you a round of Guiness (#client). Or maybe a few gallons of milk (#notaclient).

Lastly, 360i’s hiring. Come join us so I can buy you milk or beer too. Your choice.

PS: If I have a chance to ask Scumbag Steve one question of my own, what should it be?