eMarketer Looks at Feel-Good Effects of Real-Time Marketing

eMarketer has a new report out on a topic near and dear to me, "Real-Time Marketing: Speeding Up the Creative Process" (read more about it in eMarketers' newsletter article on it). 

The chart below, via GolinHarris, shows this real-time marketing thing may actually move the needle for brands, whichever needle marketers are looking to move.

Emarketer real-time marketing

(image courtesy of eMarketer Inc)

I have a few mentions in the report. Here are excerpts:

When deciding when to pull the trigger on a real-time opportunity, Oreo's digital agency, 360i, considers three factors, said David Berkowitz, VP Emerging Media:

* Is the moment that is happening brand friendly?

* Are there influencers online and available to extend the message virally?

* Is there an opportunity to 'surpise and delight' the consumer?


"What's going to define it well is not the Super Bowl. I'm much more curious about what happens on a typical Wednesday. Making social currency part of the brand identity – that is a bigger challenge and bigger opportunity." …

"The biggest thing we can do to speed up the creative process is generate trust from our clients. Trust and real-time marketing are interwoven."

It also brings to mind a conversation I just had on Twitter with USA Network's Jesse Redniss: