Catch My New Presentation from Crowdsourcing Week – All the Way from Singapore

Hi from Singapore, or as they say in Singapore, Hi from Singapore (the joys of visiting former British colonies…).

Today, I'm presenting at Crowdsourcing Week here, a conference with impressive speakers from all over the world talking about different opportunities for and ramifications of crowdsourcing. I'm honored to be among them, giving a talk on how crowdsourcing impacts advertising and marketing.

The presentation is available via the shortened URL, and I've also embedded it below. Note this presentation below is not only annotated, but it includes a number of examples that I couldn't share in the 20-minute talk, so this is the director's cut.

Also, as usual with my Slideshare presentations, if you want to know the source material for anything, including images used, just refer to the notes on each slide. You can download the presentation as well.

Let me know what you think, and what other examples should be included here.