Not Every Ad Has to be Social

A car at valley of Lawu

Got it?

I had a few comments along those lines in this great story in Mashable, 4 Best Practices for Social Advertising, by Todd Wasserman: 

Take a look at most advertising you see. Is it something you would want to pass on to a friend? No. That's because most ads are not entertaining in themselves, but are either formulated to propose a call to action or as a branding exercise. "If you think of the typical ad with the shot of the car driving on the mountain against the sunset, there's nothing particularly social about it," says David Berkowitz, CMO of the marketing agency MRY. "You have to consider if there's anything social about it."

Read on to find out about the rest of the best practices, plus insights from Peter Goodman at Salesforce, and Jim Squires at Facebook.