Why Refresh Will Be One of Your Favorite Mobile Apps


Have you tried the app Refresh? It's iOS only right now, though Android is coming. It is now one of the apps I use most, right up there with Foursquare and TripIt, and more than some like Instagram. 

The gist is that you sync up a bunch of accounts (Facebook, Foursquare, Gmail, Meetup, Evernote, AngelList, etc) and your calendar, and then whenever you're meeting someone, you can find out a ton of interesting intel about what they're up to and your mutual connections and interests. I confessed to LinkedIn's head of marketing last week that now when I go to meet someone, I use Refresh instead of LinkedIn's app because Refresh has so much more info.

I'm not an advisor, investor, paid shill, or secret employee – just a raving fan. And I was so open to raving that I did an interview with them for Refresh's blog, something I rarely do for someone's promotional efforts, but it is a great product and one I can endorse it wholeheartedly.

The only glitch I've had is that I can't sync Outlook to it, though that may be an issue with my Outlook rather than Refresh, as I can't sync Outlook to LinkedIn's contact manager either. Beyond that, Refresh is a homerun, and it keeps getting better.

Read the interview for more, or just download the app.