Where to Find Me This Month: from Spain to San Francisco and Back

Pardon some light posting lately, as I had some wonderful travels across Israel and Italy on vacation, followed by a trip to Spain for work. More on that in a moment.

Here's where I'll be this month. Let me know if you're at any of these events.

First, where I've been: I was just in Madrid speaking at Ideagoras 2014 at the BBVA Innovation Center, thanks to the invite by the incomparable host Angel Gonzalez. You can read a great recap of observations from my fellow speaker Silja Chouquet on Medium. Ideagoras also posted an excellent Storify to share the highlights. You can also find a video of my presentation (without the slides), and a press interview video too. Beyond Silja, it was a real pleasure to meet Leif Abraham, Alexandra Mecklenburg, Alex Gibelalde, Ryan Skinner, and Antonella Broglia, along with the gracias Ideagoras team. 

Then comes the Brand Innovators summit on Millennials November 11. I know a lot about them. I'm kind of married to one. I don't even know as the definition of a Millennial keeps shifting. It will be fun being on a session moderated by my old college associate from student government Andrea Wolinetz, as well as Angela Gruszka from one of my favorite stores, ABC Carpet & Home. 

Then I go out to San Francisco November 12 to officially open my agency's MRY West office.

While there, I will be speaking at the M1 Summit on cars and smartphones. This presentation will be a little more nuts than the usual fare, but only because Nihal Mehta has higher standards than the usual event organizer. 

Finally, more or less, it's a pleasure hosting UJA Federation of New York's event on the future of wearable technology with Rom Eizenberg, Jeff Berman, Andrew Rosenthal, and Billie Whitehouse. The fun part of moderating this one is that there are quite a few questions I want answers to, so come and ask your own as well.