When Real Drones Replace Your Drone-Like Colleagues

Drone help wanted

I've had drones on my mind a lot lately.

Part of it is because of the amazing crew at Yeah Drones that produced the first ever Drone Film Festival. My agency, MRY, was a gold sponsor, and the image above is the ad from the festival program. 

My agency also produced a video, some of which debuted at the festival, of the office of the future – where we envisioned what it would be like to hire drones: 

And then to push it further, I penned my first byline for VentureBeat: Why You Should Fear Take-Your-Drone-to-Work Day. It was also published on LinkedIn Pulse

One point of clarity on the article, which I'd love your feedback on: I first showed it to some people who thought it was satire. 

I don't think it is, even if it is humorous at points. I think drones will come to the workplace. They will have unexpected roles. They will generally not be welcome, though they will start saving some people's time and energy – and may make us a little more listless at work. 

Not everything described in the column may come to fruition, but it's a starting point, and one that I think we will have to grapple with in the coming years. What do you think?