Es ist Deutschland Week in


We're going all German, all the time here at Marketers Studio. Following up on the previous news that I will be joining an illustrious roster at German Haus at SXSW, Thanks to my new friends at SMG Germany (shoutout to Johannes Lenz), they asked me some pretty interesting questions about marketing in general and my role in particular. I hope my answers remotely lived up to the questions. Here's an excerpt: 

Johannes If you would have only three Hashtags to define your relation towards Digital and Social Media which one would you choose and why?

David Fun question. I’d say #connected #convenient and #culture. First, with #connected, I love how digital keeps bringing people together in new ways.

My first experience with digital was connecting with a friend on a 1200 baud modem back in in the 1980s, and mobile devices were always about communication and connectivity first.

With #convenient, being able to book a trip, replace some household goods, or deposit a check in a few spare minutes really does add time back to my day, and that’s invalauble.

Lastly, seeing how #culture spreads digitally is facinating, like with the rise of DJ Khaled in recent months, and #culture is what further brings people together in interesting ways.

Read the full interview on their blog. Ich danke dir sehr!